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“We’re empowering our next generation to be the leaders that our world needs. Providing tangible advice, experience, and accountability to those who want to level up and step into their possibility.”

Jill Sinclair, Founder
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Group Mentoring

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Mentor Training

Mentoring will be in business, life sills, relationship, health—ALL FREE. Limited intake

Jill Sinclair at one of her mentoring sessions

“We believe mentorship should be readily available to all those who seek it and that it should be free. So, that’s our commitment to you, to give back to our next generation because it’s the right thing to do.”

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“You can either have excuses or you can have results, you can’t have both. Which will YOU choose today?”


Roger Milad

Roger Milad Entrepreneur, Investor and Multi-Franchise Owner

Jill Sinclair

Jill Sinclair Keynote Speaker, Author, Business Coach and TV Personality

*Other mentors are coming onboard daily to be of service.

Having a mentor that truly cares enough to call me on my bullsh*t and help me through my challenges is such a gift.

I had 'mentors' in the past, but they didn't add ay value to my life. You came in and changed my life 360 degrees!

Being able to learn from Jill Sinclair is mind blowing to me. Wow, just wow!

I really aspire to be someone with your work ethic and energy!

I have felt so incredibly inspired by you and your awesome energy.

I have so much more clarity with my life and more focus.

When you first told me that you're going to hold me accountable, because you care, you really meant it. You're a gift.

I've learned more from our one hour conversation about sales than I learned from four years in University!

Group Mentoring
Mentor Training


Application to Apply *limited spots only